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Show & Tell Programme for MedTech Industry Sales Professionals

Show-Tell-Teaser-2With the aim foster better understanding among AMDI members and also to promote good practices on medical device sales presentations, AMDI is organising a MedTech Industry Show & Tell Programme. The objectives of this Show & Tell Programme are:

  • To foster understanding of AMDI members’ products offering, thereby creating cross-selling opportunities
  • To promote good sales presentation and selling skills for sales professionals through cross-sharing of ideas and peer learning
  • To provide learning opportunities for MedTech sales professionals to enhance their communication and presentation techniques, thereby instilling confidence when promoting their products and solutions to healthcare institutions

What is Show & Tell Programme?

The Show & Tell Programme is a year-long programme comprising 5 sessions where medical device sales representatives can participate to present what their companies are promoting and selling. In each session, we will have up to 5 companies’ medical device sales staff to do their presentation to a group of mentors & audience consisting of industry members, AMDI members and affiliated partners. Each participant shall be given 7-8 minutes to do their sales presentation to the audience. After the presentation, the mentors & audience will provide some tips and guidance on how the participant may improve their sales presentations.

Benefits of Participation

  • Sales professionals are able to practise their presentations and get valuable tips or guidance from industry mentors on how they may improve their sales presentation or persuasion skills
  • Participants will learn to address negativities and handle objections, thereby improve their confidence when meeting their customers during their sales call
  • Participants can get to learn from their peers on what other MedTech products/ solutions are currently available in market and understand how their peers are promoting their products/ solutions

Who Should Participate

Medical device sales representatives & professionals who wish to improve their sales presentation skills.

When & Where will the Show & Tell Programme Takes Place


  • 24 March 2016, Thursday, 4.00pm
  • 27 May 2016, Friday, 4.00pm
  • 22 July 2016, Friday, 4.00pm
  • 23 September 2016, Friday, 4.00pm
  • 25 November 2016, Friday, 4.00pm

AMDI Medical Technology Industry Resource Centre
318 Tanglin Road
#01-35/36 Phoenix Park
Singapore 247979

For more information and participation details, please contact AMDI Secretariat at email: secretariat@amdi.org.sg or tel: 6733-2230.